Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pink Party

Pink Party
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Our Women's Guild celebrated their fundraising efforts for Farm Africa by holding a Pink Party. Here's what happened...

We certainly had fun at our last meeting before the summer break. We were asked to dress in something pink and some of the outfits were quite spectacular indeed. There were pink wigs, pink hats, a pink housecoat and slippers, and one lady sported a pink tiara! (The meeting was at Lees Street not the Town Hall.

After our usual opening with a hymn, prayer and bible reading we were in for a real afternoon of fun. Poems were read, we sang songs all with a pink theme and a talk was given on how the word pink is used in our speech, e.g. tickled pink, seeing pink elephants, pink champagne, Pink Panther, Pink Floyd.

And for our refreshments we had pink wafer biscuits, buns with pink icing and ice cream with pink syrup, even the dishes with were pink.

Then after we had each received a gift, all of them wrapped in pink paper, we sang our favourite blessing and made our way home certainly feeling IN THE PINK!

During the year we have been collecting money for the organisation Farm-Africa which aims to support poor farmers and herders to improve their well-being by providing them with goats, chickens and other animals. We have raised the grand sum of £150, so hopefully this will help to buy quite a few goats and chickens. I wonder if they come in shades of pink?

It sounds as though Women’s Guild had fun at their Pink Party and we congratulate them on their fundraising efforts. You can find out more about Farm Africa at http://www.farmafrica.org.uk/ and see more photos from the Pink Party by clicking on the Our Photos Flickr link.