Monday, June 11, 2007

Shared roots

Originally uploaded by Lees Street.
On 3rd June, 3 of us from Lees Street helped to lead worship at St Mark's URC in Wythenshawe. It is the church which partly inspired our mosaic ideas - the picture shows one of their mosaics, "the tree of life". It is good for us to build links with other churches, to see how we share common roots, to learn from each other, to encourage each other in the face of similar challenges. Read about the experience from their perspective on the 7th June entry on the blog - - where we see that the things we discussed provoked lots of good questions and discussions afterwards. After all, we were thinking about how we are called to "proclaim" - to tell our good news in words - which takes courage, and which can upset not only our comfort zones, but other people's too. So we pray for the courage to speak out - or in 'tree' terms, we pray that our leaves may be life-giving and we will bear fruit ... In hope, Graham.