Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Are A Mosaic

An All-Age Mosaic
Originally uploaded by Lees Street.
I love this picture - Kathleen's smile, Victor's concentration with the hammer, Lewis ready to help out. It says a lot - particularly that, not only are we in the process of creating our second large-scale mosaic ("Faith"), but we are a mosaic ourselves! At Lees Street, we are like different sized, different coloured, different aged pieces, sometimes a bit broken, sometimes shiny, often with rough edges, sometimes difficult to fit together, but still all coming together to make something more beautiful ... but of course, the difference between the mosaics on the wall and the real-life mosaic is that we will never be finished - there is always room for more pieces, with more colours, more rough edges, more unique gifts to add to the overall picture. So let's celebrate our creative mix! Graham.