Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shaping the Future - Living it Now

This is going to become a major theme! It matters, because churches are usually playing 'catch-up' - not only in terms of using one bit of technology just as the next one is going out of fashion, but more generally, we tend not to be 'ahead of the game'. (Incidentally, a BIG THANKS to Sheryl for creating this blogsite - a huge leap forward, which really helps us to play the game!) So what would be involved in seizing the initiative, so we once again shape the future?

After all, that's what 'the kingdom of God' is all about - when Jesus urges us to see what a different future looks like, in which the last are first, in which the hungry are fed, the humble inherit the earth, and enemies are loved, and he dares us to live it now. What this means for churches is that we should have a vision, not only for our own church-life, but for our society and the world too - how do we want things to look? And we should say and do things which specifically strive for that vision in the here and now. In some respects, we do this already, but we can be bolder ... so, what is involved in encouraging us to believe in shaping a new future?