Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our own way of being Good News

Church can be a rollercoaster. One minute, there are frustrations - the work seems too hard, it's not always easy to spot signs of new life - but next minute, a really positive conversation with someone or a group can turn things round. Our recent "Outlook discussion" was a positive experience. Of course, we face big challenges: the world around us seems to change so fast, often people's lives are quite chaotic (especially in the inner-city), and many people have little or no experience of the church - so we've got to reconnect with people and make a special effort to show that we genuinely have Good News. But we are not a church which has it all neatly packaged in a shiny brochure or a ten-point plan; we don't think Christian faith is 'black and white', because we are aware of many grey areas, and we try to be sensitive to the real world, with all its questions ... but still we try to be people of Good News ... and it's because we are open to all sorts of people, at all sorts of stages on life's journey, and we strive to be welcoming to everyone (including those who feel confident, and those who don't), that we truly believe we are a sign of the good news of Jesus Christ, who welcomed all kinds of people, and saw the best in them. What do you think?