Friday, October 03, 2008

A Different Story to Tell

The news is dominated by bad news - and, particularly at the moment, by stories of anxiety concerning global finance, banking, housing, as well as energy and food prices, which hit the poorest hardest. It would be too glib to say instead that we have good news, as though we are indifferent to the bad news, because we must care deeply about every bit of bad news - and yet we are called to be people of good news, to share a different story, a story of hope in the face of despair, the dignity of people in the face of their belittlement, and love in the face of fear. So let's bear that responsibility gratefully but seriously - we are people of good news, for those who are hungry, for those who are left out ... we believe another world is possible, and it begins even with the small things we do together ... even as we break bread together, so that everyone eats! So let us tell our stories boldly - of people being accepted, valued, loved - stories the world needs to hear.