Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One World Food Crisis

It is becoming more and more obvious how all things are tied together - and so we should learn to behave in ways which reflect this 'one world' reality. Increased food prices in richer countries are caused by several global factors, but the effect of more expensive food is even more painful in poorer countries where a higher proportion of people's income goes on food. It's partly due to the rise in oil prices, which is itself caused by much higher demand for oil, as China and India continue to develop rapidly, and because oil production will reach its peak in a few years, before it starts to decrease - so we need to become less dependent on oil, not only for environmental reasons, but for economic ones too. We can't afford to live as we currently live - and this becomes increasingly obvious as more and more countries develop more western-style economies - such as eating more beef, which requires more and more grain production, with less land available for growing food for human consumption. So what can we do? Support public transport as much as possible. Eat less meat. Become more fuel efficient. Recycle more. Now is not the time to turn our backs on Green issues - for the sake of God's world, and all God's people.