Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cafe Church - our first go

On 20th July, we did our first attempt at "Cafe Church" - a way of doing worship which combines some elements of drinking in a cafe with some elements of a church service - and people of all ages found it a good experience. People were surprised to be offered a drink as soon as they arrived, and wondered if they had gate-crashed a party of some kind, with the church chairs set around several coffee tables, but they soon got the idea that the whole experience was informal ... and during the service, people discussed some questions based on a Bible reading, and the children made some great 'clocks' (because the theme was "Time" - especially looking back, to think about the things that have shaped us, so the Bible reading was Ecclesiastes 3: verses 1-8, "a time for everything ... for planting and pulling up, for weeping and a time for dancing ... a time for searching and giving up ...") And at the end, several people said we should try it again, when more of our members are around, so more people get to experience it - and perhaps we will try it more regularly (something for us to think about at our Church Day - a time to celebrate, to discuss our challenges and to dream new dreams!) But for now, think for yourselves: when have you planted, and when have you pulled up your roots? When have you wept, and when have you danced? When have you searched, and when have you given up? Or: when have you tried something new, and when have you tried it again ...?