Thursday, October 18, 2007

Been busy, lately?

Strange, isn't it, but there seems to have been so many different things to tell about, lately, that we haven't had time to tell about them - from the Peace Day service, where a small number of us met and prayed for peace, to the Harvest Meal, where Rev Terry (Yeong-Jong) Jin shared with us about Korea, or from the Chat & Craft Christian Aid Tea Party, to the Harvest Festival service, where we offered gifts for the work of Rainbow Haven, a drop-in centre for asylum-seekers and refugees, and Mary & Joseph House, a residential home for men with mental health and alcohol-related difficulties. What were the highlights? Some of the young people from the Musical Society adding their own thoughts to our 'Build Peace' board, after the Peace service. Or Lewis' powerpoint about the Parable of the Sower - the cartoon image of someone being 'strangled' by the thorns! The evening service, with guests from Germany and Peru, after the morning had hosted students from Madagascar and Nigeria! What will be next? The new Mosaic is almost ready to go on the wall ... Discussion Group is developing well ... Sing a New Song group has just put together a second edition of our songbook ... But let's not give the impression that all our busyness means everything is perfect - because there continue to be people who need our prayers; we are still worried about some thingsin our own lives or the life of the church; and even the busyness canot hide our shared anxieties. So, even as we hope that things can come together in a fruitful way, we also remember to be here for one another. Shalom!